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DS05 | This 24-year developer has done $20M in real estate deals | Devan McClish

Devan has been a real estate investor for 3 years, and in that time, he has built over 60 new houses, closed on 2 apartment complexes, and oversees 4 Airbnb properties.

Devan has done only 4 of those deals mentioned with his own money. Everything else has been "no down" investing. His firm is currently sending out 11,000/month in direct mail as my primary strategy for finding deals. Devan has been a guest on the BiggerPockets podcast. He is also a licensed agent and general contractor in Nashville, TN. His compay is developing assets of almost $20Million. Devan has managed to accomplish all of these under the age of 24. • Guest on show 180 of the BP podcast licensed agent and general contractor in TN