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DS04 | Using creative methods to fund real estate investments | Theo Hicks

Theo is a real estate, investor, author, real estate blogger and host of the Unplugged podcast on YouTube.

Theo just recently closed on a 12-unit property; however, he actually bought his property, a duplex, in February 2015. He house hacked this property for a year. In a conversation with colleagues at his previous corporate jobs, some of his colleagues talked about how they own duplexes and never even remembered until they got a check from their investments. This conversation inspire Theo to buy his first duplex in just one month after that conversation.

Theo was able to save up for about 6 months of expenses before quitting his job to work with Joe Fairless on his business, and Theo is still able to build his own real estate business in the process.

Contact Theo:

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