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DS06 | How he saved his way to a million dollars | Sunny Burns

Sunny Burns is 27 and a Full-Time Engineer working for the DoD. He bought his first investment property in 2015 off the MLS, a Quadplex, 20 min from NYC, which allowed him and his family to live for free. Bought for $430,000 - less than two years later it appraised for $630,000.

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He used a Cash-out Refi and HELOC on that first property to buy his second investment property, a Triplex - also 20 min from NYC. Together the two properties appraise for $1Million dollars, and will gross over $100k in annual rents. He is madly in love with his Wife and has two young boys.

Though he was married with a 6-month baby, Sunny is so determined to start the financial freedom journey that he and his family lived with his parents, saving half of he and his wife's income in one year. They achieved this by cutting their own hair and not going out to restaurant in that one year. In addition to that, they took their own lunch to work and bought cheap used cars.

In addition, Sunny sells pacifiers (binky) via the Amazon FBA program, grossing $30k in passive income last year on Amazon.

What does the future look like for Sunny Burns? Sunny wants to spread the knowledge of personal finance, financial freedom, being frugal, and living with purpose. His goal is to help people who want to escape the rat race and not working pay check to pay check.

QUICK ROUND QUESTIONS What makes Sunny Burns UNIQUE? What has made you successful, and makes you different from the guy OR girl? Differentiating trait?

Sunny says he gets things done, and there is a roadblock he just go around it. In addition, he would research over and over again if something didn't work, asking himself what’s next?

So, what was the last book that you read? And what did you learn from the book? Last Book: The One Thing by Gary Keller. Sunny learnt about focusing on the one most important task rather than focusing on a million things at the same time.

So, what do you for fun? How do you enjoy your free time? Sunny loves volleyball, Frisbee, snowboarding, bare foot running and listening to audiobooks.

Contact Sunny:

Email: Phone: (201) 338-0884

Website: Twitter:

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*The One Thing by Gary Keller |