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DS101 | Juggling his day job to owning 23 units | Chad Duval

In 2014 and after years of his parents telling him to buy a house, Chad caved and started looking. He reached out to his uncle and was able to secure a mortgage pre-approval. Long story short, he found a large house that had a partially completed walkout basement that his dad and him converted into an accessory unit/ inlaw apt. With very little money down, Chad “house hacked” and moved into that basement for two years while he rented out the larger, upstairs portion of the property. With the rent, he was able to essentially live for free!

In 2016 he got his next break, a 9 unit in New Hampshire, with seller financing. It was a win/win for him. He knew the area well and also had the ease of financing that particular way. It took time (three years to be exact) personal and paid, money and sweat to rehab the building to what it is today… a stabilized profitable asset that I can build off of


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