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DS10 | 0-25 units in JUST 4 months while working a full-time job | Collin Schwartz

Collin read rich dad poor dad, and a light bulb went off when Robert Kiyosaki started talking about buying assets instead of liabilities. Collin realized that he had equity sitting dormant in his house.

Collin started to read more books: Millionaire real estate investor and Multifamily Millions. As Collin began to network and getting his name out there, het met his partner. His first deal was a pocket listing from an agent he met on Bigger Pocket. Collin continues to educate himself to help him build confidence.

Contact Collin Schwartz: Collin's BP Profile:

Content mentioned: *Rich Dad Poor Dad -

*The Millionaire Real Estate Investor -

*Multifamily Millions by David Lindahl:

*Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris: