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DS08 | 23 Years Young, First Flip, $36K P-R-O-F-I-T | Mitchell Classen

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Mitchell started working for a custom builder right out of college and saw a lot of high end custom homes being built first hand, so that was a great experience for Mitchell. In addition, he had the opportunity to see a handful of projects from start to finish. The entrepreneur flair is probably from his family, as everyone in his family is self employed, so going to work for someone after school was a necessary thing to do just to get some experience, but always wanted to do something on his own though he wasn't aware it will be Real Estate.

Prior to working with the custom builder, Mitchell would work on construction sites and some office work for big commercial projects, so by the time he started working full time with the custom builder Mitchell had the experience to handle bigger projects and was given the opportunity to do just that. Consequently, it has been helpful knowing what it takes to build a home from start to finish, from the planning stages to completion. Mitchell completed his degree in construction science and management, which made his experience ever so more interesting.

Mitchell discussed about how he learnt a lot on his first flip when it's your own project and your own money, and there is no experience or books that you can read that can replace the hands on experience of actually flipping a house on your own.

HOW HE FOUND AND FUNDED HIS FIRST DEAL Listening to BiggerPockets, Mitchell heard about driving for dollars so equipped with his car he went to work driving his neighborhood for deals.

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What makes Mitchell Classen? What has made you successful, and makes you different from the guy OR girl? Differentiating trait? Willingness and persistence What was the last book that you read? And what did you learn from the book? Think And Grow Rich | Being Intentional So, what do you for fun? How do you enjoy your free time? Travelling

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