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In The Last 36 Months, I've Built A Portfolio Of 200 Units From Scratch And Sourced Deals Of Over $50 Million Dollars in Multifamily Properties...


So, Let Me Walk You Through How You Can ACCELERATE Your Wealth And Cash Flow To Kick Start Your Legacy Wealth Journey

Ola Dantis

Apartment Syndicator | Multifamily Investor

Exclusive Private Event

Join Me For A Live Experience Where I’ll Share Everything I Know

About Building Wealth & Scaling Your Business With Multi-Family Properties…

You can see firsthand how I find, underwrite, and move on apartment deals quickly and built over $20,000,000 worth of assets in just 36 months.

Many people have requested that I start training programs, so I am hosting our FIRST EVER private experience to show you how you can kick start your journey to financial freedom and build wealth through Multifamily Investing.

...And if there is an alignment of interest, you’ll have the opportunity to work with me personally in one of a variety of ways in which we can create a WIN-WIN situation and start building wealth together.

  • ✅ Wholesale Multifamily Properties To Me and My Partners
  • ✅ Discover The Power of MailBox Money
  • ✅ Learn How We Could Raise Funds For Your Deals
  • ✅ Explore Ways To JV On Multifamily Deals With Sponsors

Seats Are Limited

November 16th, 2019
10AM - 1PM
4445 Willard Ave, Suite 600,
Chevy Chase,
MD 20815

Legacy Wealth Accelerator
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Are You Ready To Kick Start Your Journey Into Multifamily Real Estate Investing To Get Immediate Cash Flow And Build Long Term Wealth?

If you said yes, then let me walk you through how I’ve built my business to over 200 units Assets Under Management [AUM] in just 36 Months starting without any prior experience or connections.

My name is Ola Dantis, and I started my journey in real estate investing much like many investors… House-Hacking, Flipping, and NOW Multifamily Investing..

I thought House-Hacking would get me to financial freedom quicker only to realize that I would have to buy many many properties to reach my goal, then I dabbled into Flipping only to face the reality that I just created another job for myself (not the idea I was going for), so I quickly learnt that my path to wealth doesn't have to be overly long and hard, and that there must be a better way!

Though hard to believe, multi-family has been the better investment strategy for multiple reasons:

  1. An easier option to get started
  2. Safer than other strategies
  3. Way more lucrative asset class than having to House Hack several times over or Flipping single family homes.

After refocusing on Multifamily Investing, I’ve acquired over 200 units in the last 36 months. As a result, our investors.my partners, and I have received monthly cash flow, equity buildup, tax benefits, and property appreciation through forced strategies or long term appreciation.

Was it easy?! Absolutely not! I had to work smart/hard, build and follow a process, then I eventually found success, which I am about to share with you!

During our time together, you get a chance to peek behind the curtain of how I do what I do with the intention of cutting your learning curve dramatically and getting you results much faster!

If you really want to accelerate your wealth and get Mailbox Money in the process, then…

Let Me Take You Through How I Find, Analyze, And Fund Multifamily Deals To Build Wealth…

With apartment investing, the deals are much bigger - and so are the profits.

That’s just expected.

...And if you follow my process, you’ll soon learn that it doesn’t take any more energy to get really big profits, consistent monthly cash flow, and huge impact to your net worth than flipping single houses.

I’ll unpack it all to you.

When you follow what I show you…

  • ✅ You can figure out how to use Other Peoples’ Money [OPM] to buy and hold Multifamily Properties (Capital is a commodity and can be obtained for Commercial Properties when you understand what is needed)

  • ✅ You won’t have to drive to any properties or think about what to do during an inspection all by yourself. Essentially, you don't have to worry about every aspect of a deal

  • ✅ Your opportunities to get significant cashflow and upfront equity in a deal are massive

  • ✅ You don’t have to be personally liable for any loans unlike if you were in a single-family deal (commercial world is different)

  • ✅ You can tap into the magic of leverage. Having the chance to buy many doors translate to more income for you.

  • ✅ You can do less but make a lot more money. Plugging into our team, partners, and vendors puts you in a position to increase your profit potential while adding great value to the transaction

In the multifamily space, I always say...

There's Room For More People To Get On...

That’s the scale that comes with commercial investments.

With the right team ready to close on deals, you can get in on deals and make money with other smart people too! No man(or woman) is an island, and my achievement so far is not because I am special.

The simple truth is because I’ve pulled together the right people to create a solid team.

...And we all make money and win together.

For years, I’ve been lucky to position myself with the right people:

  • ✅ Experienced sponsors around the US and abroad
  • ✅ Huge funders who are hungry to lend on great deals
  • ✅ Property management companies, our boots on the ground, who I know will do a great job keeping our residents happy and rental income coming in while I don’t need to physically be on any of the properties
  • ✅ Our team of underwriters analyze hundreds of deals to make sure that winners meet our strict criteria, preventing us from buying a bad deal
  • ✅ Lawyers who understand commercial real estate investing, particularly Multifamily Investing
  • ✅ Our IT systems are constantly monitored by our team to ensure that our metrics are in line with our investor commitments, so that we can proactively ensure that our properties are optimized
  • ✅ We are constantly keeping a pulse on our properties by liaising with the boots-on-the-ground to make sure that our interests are performing and protected at all times

And I'm Constantly Looking to Grow The Team... That's Why I'm Sharing This With You Today!

Would You Like To Learn More?

I'm hosting a private event where I show you behind the scene strategies and uncover everything in my Multifamily Investing Business!

You'll learn exactly how I analyze and move on Multifamily deals.

You get firsthand experience on how my partners and I...

  • Deploy Mindset to get a competitive edge. You’ll learn how to leverage your mind to win at the long game of investing and stay away from the get rich quick mentality
  • Find off market multi-family deals across the country. You'll learn how to source lead, negotiate with Sellers, and scoop up deals with huge potential to add a ton of value
  • Do Due Diligence. You'll learn how to vet, dissect, and underwrite deals so that you can weed out the losers and quickly spot the winners fast
  • Build a serious buyers list that you can utilize to wholesale Multifamily deals to investors. You’ll learn how to get plugged in and get connected to the right buyers within the industry
  • Run numbers on the deals. Numbers are the bedrock of a Multifamily deal, and you’ll learn how to do a deep dive into financial analysis and how to match your deal to the different loan products
  • Get investor commitments and raise equity towards the capital stack. You’ll learn how to raise capital using a variety tools from social media to other marketing tools
  • Benefit from tax-efficient strategies. It is never about how much money you make, but about how much you can keep as YOURS after taxes
  • Identify Value-Add plays. You’ll learn how to execute on a business plan in order to increase net operating income [NoI] while decreasing expenses
  • Stabilize an asset and get it ready for disposition. You’ll uncover how to optimize operational efficiencies and leverage property management to get an asset from acquisition to stabilization and then disposition
  • Exit via Asset Disposition. You’ll recognize the different liquidity options for a deal from refinancing to sale.
  • And many more!

I'm equipping you with all that you need to find financial freedom and build wealth in multifamily investing!

Seats Are Limited

Legacy Wealth Accelerator
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