International Investors

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Want to invest in US Real Market?

As an international investor exploring the options of investing in the US Real Estate Market, you may have many questions about US taxes, opening an account in the US, and foreign exchange. 

Here at Dwellynn, we will work you through the process and help you navigate through the ambiguity. 

  • ITIN
    • We can help register as a foreign investor conducting business in the US

  • US Tax Preparation & Accountant

    • Our relationship network has access to accountant with real estate experience, US tax laws, and general advice for international investors

  • Getting Capital into the US
    • Moving capital across countries might be a daunting task; however, technology has enabled us to leverage on platforms that allow for easy capital deployment across markets, resulting in lower rates when compare to banks

  • LLC & Asset Protection
    • A Limited Liability Company [LLC] serves as a form of asset protection, as the property can be in your name. In addition to that, the entity will be structured in a way that protects you legally and rewards in terms of tax savings
  • Financing
    • Since most of our deals will be syndicated international investors won't need to secure any financing from the US banks, as we will be securing the debt to finance. On the other hand, a situation in which an investor wants to purchase real estate assets in their name, we can help source for debt structures in the US